ITS sets up and manages Adobe accounts for students, faculty, and staff.  There are some important considerations we want you to know to help you make the most use of Adobe's services and software.

License eligibility

The following users are eligible to use Creative Cloud through 'Iolani's subscription:

  • Upper School students (grades 7-12)
  • Upper School faculty and staff
  • Lower School faculty and staff

'Iolani's site license includes access to the following Adobe services/software:

  • Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps (and associated online services)
  • 80GB of online storage for use with Creative Cloud
  • Access to Adobe Spark
  • 2GB of online storage for use with Adobe Spark projects

Use of the school's license is only available to individuals who are actively affiliated with 'Iolani.  Upon graduation or withdrawal from 'Iolani, users will automatically lose access to the Creative Cloud license attached to their account and any data stored.

Outgoing seniors can find information about migrating data stored in their school account by reading and following the instructions at carefully.

License limitations

The following restrictions apply to Creative Cloud user licenses:

  • Installation: users can install Creative Cloud on as many computers as they wish, regardless of operating system
  • Activation: however, Creative Cloud can only be signed in on two of these computers at the same time
  • Usage: further, only one of these two computers can be actively using Creative Cloud apps at a time

More information about Adobe's device activation limits and instructions for deactivating a computer are available at